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Trusted Brands.

Promote your mission.


Get amazing
creators to promote your cause.

On the Impactr App we connect amazing creators who make inspiring videos on behalf of trusted brands.  Get the most relatable creators to reach new audience heights!


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Get endorsed by sustainable superheroes.

Impactr has a qualified community of approved users who can endorse actions and brands. Gaining endorsements boosts your "Trusted" status and drives your action posts higher up the feed, giving more exposure to your target audience and increasing your impact.

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Reach the top of the Top Impactrs charts.

The more actions you take and the more audience you engage with your mission, the higher your will climb on the Top Impactrs charts.  This is a great way to increase visibility of your brand!

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We want the most genuine sustainable brands to rise to the top and take the world by storm.

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Get featured in the Impactr App Calendar.

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Impactr has a super-unique "calendar" feature that selects and curates one video-action each day that is presented by trusted brands, creators, sustainability influencers and our awesome community members who are making a difference.

We will exclusively feature 100 impactr creators & influencers who are promoting trusted brands for the first 100 days for users in our unique curated space for daily actions.  If you would love to be featured or know someone who would, please register below and join the onboarding session via the link in the confirmation mail!


We believe in you. 

Join the movement to shift the worlds spending to trusted sustainable impact. Connect with our team and check out our Trusted Brands>

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What is a

Trusted Brand? 

Our vision is to shift the entire worlds spending to trusted sustainable impact - that means mobilising people´s everyday spending and steering it towards brands and businesses that genuinely advance the sustainable development agenda.   

People are not aware that their money, depending where it is placed, is in turn used to finance outcomes that are most likely against their values, whether it be providing profits and finances to businesses that do not have responsible business conduct principles or environmental protection priorities, or funding investments in fossil fuels, animal cruelty, human rights breaches (modern slavery), weapons, tobacco etc.    

Alternatives exist to the large businesses of today that finance these mentioned harms, and it is these alternatives that Impactr wishes to feature as “Trusted” and to create a movement that switches people from contributing to harm to contributing to good via their everyday spending.   Small transactions can add up to make the world a better place, and Impactr is where those everyday choices can start.


Trusted Brands are companies that are endorsed and approved by Impactr to have the `Trusted´ status.  Our Trusted Brands have objectives that are sustainable, regenerative, zero-emissions and support social justice and social change at the core of their missions. Our brands offer solutions ranging from compostable items, circular-economy housing solutions, ethical fashion and more!



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