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Impactr is an impact-tech company and youth-led mission to inspire millions of people to do small actions that together make a massive impact for sustainability, climate and social change.

"Youth are calling out for experts to help.  Yet, many are experts in their own right."  - Sara Vanore Rewkiewicz, Impactr Advisor


What if we flip the hierarchy on its head—or rather get rid of it all together—and let youth experts help lead us into the future?

What if all those young experts could move the world to take small actions and ignite drastic change? 

Impactr is a youth led global community on a mission is to inspire millions of people to do small actions that make a big impact.   One small action leads to another.  We believe in the collective power of all of us to accelerate the sustainability revolution, and we aim to use optimism and kindness to inspire millions of tiny actions that collectively add up to a huge impact.


Our community is using their creativity to intervene with the world and help others to do tangible actions, because the wisdom of youth is available to all.  The ´domino effect´ is how we will succeed.  We help the person next to us, then the person next to them, then they influence the person next to them, and the person next to them.  And so it goes.  From little things, big things grow.  We are fixing, not rebelling
We inspire others to do simple, bite-sized everyday actions that make a real difference.  #Buylessbuybetter and sometimes spend with the world´s most trusted sustainable brands and organisations that are endorsed by Impactr´s expert community.  We believe the most effective way to mobilise people to save the world is to have fun while doing it!

Our vision is to shift the entire worlds spending to the most trusted sustainable and regenerative brands and businesses.  We have a youth-led expert community, who are the trusted guide to helping others ensure they spend their money with sustainable brands that are genuinely making a positive impact.


At Impactr, we connect authentic sustainable brands with their target audience, and with each other.  


Our HQs are in Copenhagen and Melbourne, but our reach is worldwide with community already in over 80 countries.  We thrive on making sustainability easy and approachable for people, through powerful and inspiring audience connections with awesome and unexpected impactful companies!

Relevant is different to me.


Impactr has 3 cofounders, Johannah, Thomas and Majken, who are working tirelessly on creating a new breed of change-making company that has a genuine impact model at the core of its business and a true inclusion culture in its DNA from day 1.

Our world-wide community is led by Yasmine Abdu, a 17 yr old student leader based in Oman, together with our creative youth collaborators Jett Archer and Belen Hinojar.

We are always trying to discover and embrace our weaknesses and blind spots and have an incredible community guiding us to grow this company into one of the most memorable and iconic cornerstones of our generation.


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"We are a responsible, ethical company with a fierce sustainability and regenerative future-mindset in our DNA.  We are relentless in our striving for empowerment of under-represented groups to be a powerful voice in the decisions and actions that shape our world.

Our business model is in place to ensure that we can attain the magnitude of financial capacity required to finance our impact activities and realise the vision we want to achieve in accordance with our impact model - that is, with a purpose to fuel and accelerate the sustainability revolution, to make sustainability mainstream – and in turn make the world a better place and create a thriving future for all.  Our definition of sustainability is to leave no-one behind. 


Impactr commits to periodically conducting risk assessments in relation to human rights, social and environmental aspects of the business.  Our first risk audit was conducted in early 2020 and the top risks identified hav been addressed and acted upon, not least by the creation of the Impactr Inclusion & Diversity Guidebook & Strategy, which addresses potential risks in relation to unconscious bias and exclusion in our products, technology, company culture and behaviours."

- Johannah Maher, Cofounder & CEO Impactr


Impactr has developed a Responsible Business Conduct Policy, which outlines our approach and commitment to integrating responsibility in our business. The policy is signed by our CEO, is reflected in any other relevant policies and stipulates our human rights expectations to ourselves, including our employees and our business relationships.   The policy is publicly available for download via our subscription link.

Impactr’s commitment includes conducting regular operational impact assessments on areas of social and environmental sustainability as they relate to the business. This includes identifying, preventing and mitigating actual as well as potential risks of adverse impacts on all 48 human rights and principles of sustainable development as laid forth in the Rio Declaration as well as principles of anti-corruption. Our first impact assessment was conducted in late 2019 where several potential as actual risks where identified. We’ve spent 2020 on properly addressing such risks. Top risks have already been acted upon through several actions, one of which includes the creation of the Impactr Inclusion & Diversity Guidebook. The guidebook details our principles and commitments for developing an inclusive culture.

We’d like to thank Christopher Macias Escalona for compiling and developing Impactr’s Impact model, including our Responsible Business Conduct Policy, operational impact assessments and impact report for 2020.”




Throughout 2019 we conducted an extensive initiative to lay the foundations for Impactr´s Integrity and Ethics model.   As an emerging tech-company that seeks to provide the worlds most trusted social action platform, our ethical approach to information technology is particularly crucial.    We hosted a 6 week "Impactr-Thon" (like a really long hackathon) with a dedicated team to create our Integrity & Ethics framework.  At the same time we completed an extensive GDPR and Data Ethics review and strategy framework, to create Our Privacy Promise and privacy policy. 


Impactr´s Integrity & Ethics framework researched the key areas of data ethics, building trust, ensuring transparency and responsibility when it comes to information technology.  The outcomes and foundations created put Impactr on steady-ground to launch and manage a social-based platform that takes its responsibility seriously and inherently.

During 2020, Impactr´s CEO Johannah receives continuous ethics and responsible business advisory, and has participated in a continuous interview process for a business ethics PHD by one of Impactr´s expert community members, where Impactr is now showcased.

We´d like to give special thanks to Domonique Rai-Varming & Makeda Hinds for their efforts in contributing to Impactr´s Integrity & Ethics Framework. 



Impactr is a tech-based impact start-up that aims to mainstream and contribute to the adoption of sustainability. We have been founded with a fierce eagerness to make an impactful change towards accelerating sustainability, which incorporates the ´triple bottom-line´ philosophy as part of our foundational management approach.  We believe that it is both a necessity and a possibility to align profit with being good for both planet and people.

Prepared by Christopher Macias Escalona


At Impactr, we believe that being a good citizen should be at the core of every business. Why? Because no matter how we put it, all organisations have impacts on people and planet. As such, this calls for a process that enables you to manage your impacts accordingly.

Being an ‘impact start-up’ entails that managing our impacts, intentional as unintentional and negative as positive, is a natural component of our corporate identity.


For this reason we’ve developed and implemented an impact management framework, inspired by international standards on responsible business conduct and methodologies for measuring, assuring and creating positive impact.


Living in an era where the merit of the old ‘make-use-lose’ model of industrial design is questioned and were the depletion of natural resources, as well as severely failing to meet a growing population’s basic needs is reality, transitioning towards sustainable business models is a necessity. For this reason, We at IMPACTR only expect that the principles underlying impact management will formalise as institutional requirements as well as be the foundation for operating on the market in years to come.


We believe that managing impacts accordingly can translate into:

  • Better mitigate regulatory, reputational and financial risks

  • Accentuate and support decision-making in relation to business performance

  • Showcase responsibility and ethical management towards stakeholders

  • Unlock new commercial areas, as markets aimed at solving social problems grow


With the growing focus on sustainability and the spreading of knowledge detailing the levels of needed change we need to make, action has remained largely immobilised.


We’ve heard too much talk, and seen too little process towards ensuring sustainable development. But who is to blame?
Is it corporation’s inability to integrate sustainability into their business operations? Is it consumers unwillingness to reduce their consumption and change habits? Is it politicians’ aversion towards enforcing regulations that would enable the market to steer in a more sustainable direction?

No matter who you believe is at fault, we all have a responsibility to make sustainability the ‘new normal’ – and it starts one step at a time. As consumers we can change our habits and demand change from the brands we love. As corporations, we can incorporate ethics and integrate all bottom- lines into the forefront of decision-making and our operations. And as politicians we can create a supportive enabling environment around sustainability for both businesses and citizens to engage with .

A new world is possible. It starts with action.

We´d like to thank Christopher Macias Escalona for his contributions in compiling Impactr´s Impact Model 2020.


We have created the Impactr Inclusion & Diversity Handbook as our first step in working toward a more inclusive and diverse Impactr. It's a living document in which we can come to a mutual agreement on the values, concept and language of inclusion and diversity. It's a work-in-progress that combines principles with policies in an open way. 

Inequality and exclusion are the defaults of the tech industry. Without intentional effort, we will inherit those failings and worsen the problem. We believe that fostering an environment that embraces differences will make us more flexible to the rapid changes in the industry. An inclusive culture and a diverse team and community will help us recognize the needs of our community and users, leading to more sustainable and innovative solutions for the complex problems we're trying to solve.
To make this happen, we need to move away from passive tolerance and work towards a pro-active approach. We are committed to making intentional choices to ensure that we are an open an inclusive company. We hope that our transparency in publishing this online guide, setting I&D targets for our company for the next 3 years and inviting our community to help us outline the next steps on this journey will effect change both internally and within our industry at large. 

As the youth empowerment agenda is pivotal to Impactr, we apply intentional effort to have Youth representation in all our communities and going forward including team and board.   We are yet to meet our burning ambition of being among the most impactful and recognized iconic company in the tech community amongst Millenials and Gen Z and we have therefore decided to make several commitments to address the youth generation.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Laura Lorenzen for her efforts in compiling the Impactr Inclusion & Diversity Handbook, as well as our strategy for 2020-2023.



Impactr - Impact Model March 2020


Impactr - Inclusion & Diversity Handbook 2020


Impactr - Responsible Business Conduct Policy 2019



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