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Peak Youth = Peak Experts

Our mission is to empower young people to create a better world through small collective action. Because we believe young people are the experts.  Join our community of sustainability experts that will endorse actions and trusted brands.

We believe young people are the experts...

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Do you believe that the world should change, and that it can change?  Then you are right.  There are more young people on the planet than ever before with the potential to drive drastic change. 


Your endorsements matter.

Experts play a fundamental role on the Impactr App.  


The Impactr App has a super-unique feature where approved ´Expert´ users can endorse actions and brands to ensure the most trusted sustainability causes rise to the top and reach the largest audience.   

The Impactr App (below) has an ´endorsement´ function (pictured below, under the "Like" button) that is enabled for our users who have "Expert" status.  The purpose of the feature is to ensure that the most trusted and most sustainable actions are being engaged with by general users.   The Impactr algorithm is designed so that the more Expert endorsements a post receives, the more exposure it will get.


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Our Expert community is open, approachable and inclusive - if you have knowledge, studies, expertise, opinions or ideas that you would like to share that are genuinely trying to advance the sustainability agenda, then we need you to become an Impactr "Expert" on the Impactr App. Gain access to a growing world-wide network of sustainability leaders.

Registered Experts in our community will automatically be granted "Expert" user status when they log in to the Impactr App for the very first time.   Expert users will be distinguished with a special badge on their profile.


If you you would like to become an Expert user on the Impactr App, please register now via this link:


Young people empowered to create a better world.


What is an Impactr


An individual who is innately curious, constantly learning and upskilling and brings their own human experience and emotions to the forefront of intersectional decision-making and community engagement. An Expert is typically a young person who is deeply passionate to express their drive to solve systemic issues, whether it be a global, regional or local one, so that the present and future generations have a sustainable means of living and thriving. 

An Expert brings their full attention, empathetic nature and adaptability to their volunteer, professional or recreational activity. They bring their unique life experiences of growing up in an ever-changing and rapidly technologically advanced world, thereby providing a baseline measure of the realities and lived experiences of socio-political and environmental decisions in society. Expertz are ever-growing, constantly learning and developing, but they have an incredible ability to bounce-back, exemplify hope and bring others along on their IMPACTR journey. 

An Expert can be of any age, cultural background, ability, gender and religious following. Those who are in younger age cohorts, i.e below 28, can also self-identify as an Expert and are highly encouraged to! Impactr recognises the unique knowledge and lived experience of young people, as well as the energy and openness to learn and improve learning journeys for others; young people are Experts in their own right!  - Written by Ishara Sahama

Meet Ishara: 

Impactr Super-Activator & Expert


Play your role in something great.


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