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Experts Recently Joined

"Being part of Impactr as an Expert already helped me a lot, giving me the opportunity to discover new companies and entrepreneurs, and so to expand my network."

Giorgia Scartozzi

Masters Student Danish Technical University


Victor M. Angulo

Civil Engineer with focus on Sustainable Design, innovation and development & implementation of sustainable strategies.

Sayyid Mohsen Madani

I am a Political and Economic Researcher especially in the field of energy policy.

Konstantinos Tsagarakis

Circular economy, Resources conservation, Recycling, Big Data.

Frank Ebinger

These are my research topics, my team and I work on.

Francesco Veronese

I'm an electrical engineer; I have an electric car, but I prefer to ride my bicycle.

Kelvina Wairimu

Diversity and Inclusion in Technology. The D&I agenda relates strongly to creating more equality and quality education and work.


Yasmine Abdu

I know a lot about the importance of the oceans, how we are destroying them and how this will affect us long term.

Israa Thiab

Israa holds a Master of Science degree in Environment Management and Policy from Lund University in Sweden.

Dorthe Scott Jensen

I am dedicated to create events in a more sustainable ways.

Marco Baudino

I am a promoter of solutions for a real circular economy applied to our life and system.

Anne-Sofie Svendsen

Background in geology and master in cc (dynamic ecosystem functioning at subarctic mire, as a result of recent climate change).

Sofie Mora Fregerslev

3 years of work and research with sustainable production has resulted in specialized knowledge on sustainable chocolate production, value chains and development projects in the Latin American jungle.

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