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Are you a creator?

Impactr is a video-sharing platform for young creators to unleash their creative superpowers for good and inspire others to take action with no extra effort.

Create unique videos to inspire action.
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Impactr is a super-fun video app where users create short videos to inspire each other to do easy, bite-sized, everyday actions that spark joy, and collectively make the world a better place at the same time.

The iconic feature of the Impactr App is the Action Button, where each video post has a call to action to motivate users to click the button and do the action together.


Actions in all shapes and sizes.

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Use the power of music to run donation campaigns for good causes.  Create your own producer or performer challenges with a clear call to action for the audience. 

Sustainable Superheroes
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Come up with unique ways to inspire everyday people to connect and engage in a fun way with sustainability superheroes such as trusted brands and experts.

Challenges e.g. Musical
it up

Make informative and engaging videos that help people switch up their lifestyles to be more sustainable or take their first essential steps for a cause that matters to them.


Get featured in the Impactr App Calendar.

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Impactr has a super-unique "calendar" feature that selects and curates one video-action each day that is presented by trusted brands, creators, sustainability influencers and our awesome community members who are making a difference.

We will exclusively feature 100 impactr creators & influencers for the first 100 days for users in our unique curated space for daily actions.  If you would love to be featured or know someone who would, please register below and join the onboarding session via the link in the confirmation mail!


Our team are creators too.  Say hi!

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Impactr Social Media

Manager & Creator


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Impactr Content &

TikTok Creator

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Thomas Bisballe


Impactr CoFounder

Music Producer


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Earn by promoting trusted brands.

Our business model is supporting trusted sustainable brands by inspiring their target audience to visit their websites to support, take action, and where relevant, transact with them.
We do this be
empowering everyday creators to create inspiring videos and get paid for it, where a percentage of the money generated from the trusted brand program goes to video creators who joined the program and whose videos generate lots of visits to our trusted brand community!

Our affiliate program for creators and trusted brands will be live soon!


Play your role in something great.


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