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Become an Activator!

Be part of a community inspiring others to take action.  Connect and collaborate with like-minded changemakers, share your vision and use your voice to create meaningful change.

Activators inspire others to take action.
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Level up your leadership skills

Many young people feel overwhelmed by the size of the challenge “it feels like mission impossible”. They are looking for hope and a platform to connect, collaborate and take easy action.  Unleash your creativity on social media to save the world and get rewarded for it - be a hero or heroine and bring to life ideas and lead global movements and campaigns.

Create, Share & Promote Campaigns

We make social and environmental action super easy, thanks to the unique Action Button in the Impactr App.

Create your own campaigns and challenges, either on your own or together with your friends or classmates.  Take part in social impact campaigns and exciting new projects on the app.

3 role models / leaders in every school.

Become an Activator in your school - be a role model and inspire other students to take action with you.  Join Yazzy and others around the world in creating & sharing campaigns that address the pressing issues of our time.  All welcome!

Join the ultimate competition to save the world.
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Who says sustainability can´t have a friendly competitive side?  What´s the point of saving the world if we can´t be the best at it?  The Impactr App has a Leaderboard featuring top Impactr’s in the ultimate competition to save the world.   


Climb the charts each day by taking action and inspiring others take action with you.  Discover other impactrs who are movers and shakers on the Top Impactrs charts.


Get featured in the Impactr App Calendar.

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Impactr has a super-unique "calendar" feature that selects and curates one video-action each day that is presented by trusted brands, creators, sustainability influencers and our awesome community members who are making a difference.

We will exclusively feature 100 impactr creators & influencers for the first 100 days for users in our unique curated space for daily actions.  If you would love to be featured or know someone who would, please register below and join the onboarding session via the link in the confirmation mail!


What is an


An Activator is an individual who is a supporter of Impactr and the community, and is committed to encouraging others to join Impactr, switch to more eco-conscious lifestyle habits and more. An activator role is for those who wish to welcome their networks and wider community, to change their perceptions, behaviour and lifestyle choices to ones that are sustainable and regenerative. Activators can play a unique role in energising the Impactr community, whether it be through social media support or as a moderator on the app!

An activator is someone who is typically optimistic and believes that people-power can make an impressionable difference for the sustainability of society and the environment. An Activator can be of any age, cultural background, ability, gender and religious following. 

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