Impactr is an impact-tech company and youth-led mission to inspire millions of people to do small actions that together make a massive impact.

"Youth are calling out for experts to help.  Yet, many are experts in their own right."  - Sara Vanore Rewkiewicz, Impactr Advisor


What if we flip the hierarchy on its head—or rather get rid of it all together—and let youth experts help lead us into the future?

What if all those young experts could move the world to take small actions and ignite drastic change? 

Impactr is a youth led global community on a mission is to inspire millions of people to do small actions that make a big impact.   One small action leads to another.  We believe in the collective power of all of us to accelerate the sustainability revolution, and we aim to use optimism and kindness to inspire millions of tiny actions that collectively add up to a huge impact.


Our community is using their creativity to intervene with the world and help others to do tangible actions, because the wisdom of youth is available to all.  The ´domino effect´ is how we will succeed.  We help the person next to us, then the person next to them, then they influence the person next to them, and the person next to them.  And so it goes.  From little things, big things grow.  We are fixing, not rebelling
We inspire others to do simple, bite-sized everyday actions that make a real difference.  #Buylessbuybetter and sometimes spend with the world´s most trusted sustainable brands and organisations that are endorsed by Impactr´s expert community.  We believe the most effective way to mobilise people to save the world is to have fun while doing it!

Our vision is to shift the entire worlds spending to the most trusted sustainable and regenerative brands and businesses.  We have a youth-led expert community, the “Young ExpertZ”, who are the trusted guide to helping others ensure they spend their money with sustainable brands that are genuinely making a positive impact.


At Impactr, we connect authentic sustainable brands with their target audience, and with each other.  


Our HQs are in Copenhagen and Melbourne, but our reach is worldwide with community already in over 80 countries.  We thrive on making sustainability easy and approachable for people, through powerful and inspiring audience connections with awesome and unexpected impactful companies!

Relevant is different to me.


Impactr has 3 cofounders, Johannah, Thomas and Majken, who are working tirelessly on creating a new breed of change-making company that has a genuine impact model at the core of its business and a true inclusion culture in its DNA from day 1.

We are always trying to discover and embrace our weaknesses and blind spots and have an incredible community guiding us to grow this company into one of the most memorable and iconic cornerstones of our generation.




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Impactr is an impact-tech company and youth led community movement, inspiring action to show how we can live more sustainably and accelerate towards sustainable lifestyles.